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Lee Collins

Lee Collins is the visionary behind the Bizhemia Project and is well-known as “the success catalyst for the inspired entrepreneur”.

Since 2001, Lee Collins has personally worked with, spoken on stage and/or co-authored books, courses, or materials alongside the greatest names in online and offline marketing including some of his personal mentors like Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Joe Vitale and Mark Joyner (known as the Godfather of Internet Marketing). 

Always a forward-looking innovator, Lee embraced mobile technology as an emerging marketing technology and in 2008 co-developed the world’s first text auto-responder with Trumpia, a growing company based in California. Lee has also been hand-selected for the special Internet Marketing teams for VisalusTM, and for real estate legend Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen (co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul) for their multi-city national “Cash in a Flash” book launch (look for Lee’s special mention on page 360 of the book).

In 2010 – taking a sabbatical from his own endeavors but still wanting to keep his skills sharp – Lee took charge of the world’s largest SEO and Internet training company, StomperNet, leading the company to enjoy their biggest months in over 5 years and at the same time eliminating over $700,000 in company debt. 

In addition to contributing to The Bizhemia Project, writing articles for his website and a few other personal projects, Lee is currently the Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director for Social Media Marketing University.

Lee Collins's Background

Lee Collins's Experience

Managing Director at StomperNet

August 2010 - August 2012

Managing Director, StomperNet – while running StomperNet, the world’s largest SEO and online marketing training company, Lee has been able to systematize all processes to more efficiently run the company with a core team of 5 people instead of 20+ people, create new products and services that recently netted the company the biggest two back-to-back months in almost two years, and reduce affiliate and other debt by well over $700,000 in less than 18 months.

493x0 (later 3C2x0) at U.S. Air Force

10 years Network Communications and Systems Control team leader and management experience in U.S. Air Force. U.S. Air Force Certified Expert Marksman

Global Network Performance Manager at Electronic Data Systems

| Auburn Hills, MI

12+ years mid/senior executive level management experience directly responsible for $12 Million in performance infrastructure, leading a global team, and grew the asset base from 1 client to well over 300 global and multi-million dollar per year client accounts within 3 years

Marketing Consultant at uQast

November 2010 - January 2011

Managing with the pre-launch of uQast in December 2010, Lee was able to guide the company to generate over $250,000 in revenue – the biggest single month in company history.

Network Performance Manager at Bank of America

| Richmond, VA

This position and my team were later outsourced to EDS (Electronic Data Systems) so the description is included in the EDS info.

Network Manager at Safety Kleen

| Columbia, SC

Responsible for entire Safety Kleen network infrastructure (spanning USA and Canada) including setup, configuration, and performance of all routers, switches, connectivity and vendor interaction.

Chief Marketing Officer at Icon Builder Media

November 2012 - Present

Provide creative direction for both Icon Builder Media as well as the clients it represents.

Lee Collins's Interests & Activities

Hybrid Marketing(tm), consulting, camping, expedition travel, reading, enlightening my soul through exploration and spending time with my beautiful and amazing wife, Natalie.

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